S7 Ep 2: The Sweet Pain of Being Alive with Ann Anderson Evans

Guest: Ann Anderson Evans, Author

Author Ann Anderson Evans shares her story of loss and healing after she discovered her husband’s body the morning after he took his own life. After a decades long struggle with his gender identity and her husband’s suicide, Ann has worked to make sense of her life, the man she married, and the hidden pain he carried. Ann’s story is nuanced, complicated, and defies expectations from every angle. 

Website: www.annandersonevans.com

Book: https://annandersonevans.com/the-sweet-pain-of-being-alive/

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One response to “S7 Ep 2: The Sweet Pain of Being Alive with Ann Anderson Evans”

  1. Terri says:

    Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your life and the life of your husband Terry(sp?. I am just starting down the path of discovery after finding out my husband is bisexual or gay and very much closeted. I an still trying to find some sense of reality.

    I am so sad about all that Terry went through and how difficult it must have been for you. I understand the approach of accepting things and moving on. The logical, academic mind seems to create this type of trajectory. We think our emotions have been spent in quick fashion, but they linger in the shadows waiting
    to be heard.

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