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A critical component of healing for Straight Partners and Partners of Trans People is our stories, both sharing them and hearing them. We’ve created the Our Voices page to share our latest podcasts, our blog posts, and our new video content. No matter where you are on your journey – whether you are a just a few weeks post discovery or disclosure or several years out, whether you have left your partnership or are remaining in your Mixed Orientation Relationship – you can find community, healing, insights and growth in each other’s stories. Here we share our griefs, our triumphs, our traumas and our recoveries as we forge new paths forward.


“If he was always a she, was there ever really an us?”
Kristin O. Partner of a Trans Person
“My life was sacrificed on the altar of his internalized homophobia.”
Kristin K. Straight Partner
“I can see why my husband was so angry. He was trying and I couldn’t give him what he needed.”
Shelly Johnson LGBT+ Partner
“My husband made me question my own femininity. You do wonder, ‘Is something wrong with me?’ ”
Maggie K. Straight Partner
“We all suffer pain from dishonesty when our partners don’t tell us the truth of who they are.”
Maggie K. Straight Partner
“It wasn’t her life to take, but it’s mine to take back.”
Joseph I. Straight Partner
“Being a straight spouse is not our only identity. There was a ‘you’ before there was a ‘you two,’ and you gotta find that person again.”
Dru V. Straight Partner
“I was so confused about what my spouse’s transition meant for me. I didn’t know if I wanted to be with a woman.”
Lauren R. Partner of a Trans Person
“Every time I tried to be intimate with my husband, I was making a choice between disappointing him or betraying myself.”
Peggy G LGBT+ Partner
“I wish she understood that being married to a woman was as inauthentic for me as being a man was for her.”
Julie Partner of a Trans Person
“It’s funny, but I found more of myself through this process, because the pain makes you look. And you find things.”
Paul N. Straight Partner

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