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We appreciate your interest in joining the OurPath Board of Directors. The OurPath Board of Directors is a working board that ensures alignment between the organization’s mission, purpose, and activities. The board also provides oversight of those activities and plays a role in procuring adequate resources for them. It provides financial oversight, selects the Executive Director, ensures effective organizational planning, and creates by-laws, policies, procedures, guidelines and norms for organizational operations. The board meets once a month and more often when necessary.

Board members are expected to provide a minimum of 10+ hours of work per month on OurPath business, including committee assignments, special projects, and other duties as needed, in addition to regular attendance at monthly Board meetings. Board Members are also required to make a minimum tax-deductible financial contribution of $100 annually to the organization. Board Members are expected to serve a term of at least two years. All OurPath Board Members must read and sign the OurPath Code of Ethics, Social Media Policy, and Conflict of Interest Policy. If you are a Straight Partner or Partner of a Trans Person interested in applying, please complete and submit the form below.

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