S6 Ep 6: Autoheterosexuality and the Connection with Trans Identities

Guest: Phil Illy

When our guest Phil Illy found out he had a sexual orientation that he’d never heard of, he set out to understand it. Following an extensive review of nearly a century of research from clinical sexology, Phil is able to describe and demystify autoheterosexuality, and how this much misunderstood sexual orientation can set someone on a path to becoming transgender. He helps spouses and partners of trans people learn how the course of autoheterosexuality progresses, how to better understand the ones they love, how to contextualize what is happening during transition, and have the best information to make decisions for their lives. 

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2 responses to “S6 Ep 6: Autoheterosexuality and the Connection with Trans Identities”

  1. susan relic says:

    Heterosexuality seems a renaming of Blanchard’s two categories of transsexuals, and his description of autogynephilia. Phil is perhaps just expanding it from sexual to include a romantic aspect. As Phil says, it is a shame that Blanchard’s research has been so silenced, in an attempt to “sanitize” transsexualism. A very thoughtful interviewee.

  2. Jessica Compton says:

    Why are you promoting this hurtful pseudoscience? Is this honestly what you want people to see? Haven’t trans folks been tormented enough?

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