S6 Ep 5: Decoding Closeted Spouses with Ryan King

Guest: Ryan King

Our favorite self-described former closeted gay narcissist in recovery joins us for a third time to answer audience questions. In this episode he helps us demystify and identify the deflection, script flipping, gaslighting, blame shifting and shame shifting tactics some closeted spouses may exhibit during the course of a mixed orientation marriage or partnership.

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3 responses to “S6 Ep 5: Decoding Closeted Spouses with Ryan King”

  1. Rachel says:

    If you have Ryan King on again and if people can submit questions, how can we o own about the podcast? I have a statement/question for him. Here it is: I got a very bad gut feeling from needed to check the phone. I checked but this time I looked in the trash icon and found pics, messages w/ men and a trans person talking about sex, there was reference to double list.com and screen shots of men’s faces. When I asked about these things I was told it was a joke abs he was bored. If he was caught red handed why did he lie? I later found statements showing motel charges for the dates that were on the pics in the trash icon.
    Side note: for years, there were texts and pics of multiple women, never men. This person is a narcissist and physically abusive, the gay stuff wasn’t supposed to be discovered. That’s why it was in the trash. It was shocking.
    Thank you

    • Kristin Kalbli says:

      Hi Rachel,

      We don’t know if we’ll have Ryan back again, but if there’s a question in there, we can ask him. I wasn’t quite able to discern a question.

  2. Jen says:

    I just saw the comment about Doublelist. I found out the same way. I’m 26, we own a home together, he’s been more and more distant. I feel like I’m falling apart. I feel like this is going to scar me for life. I was lied to up until days after I left the house until he finally admitted it. I’m so fucking lost. I don’t know where to go.

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