S5 Ep 3: Getting to the Bottom of Anger with Michael Plank

Guest: Dr. Michael Plank

Dr. Michael Plank is a pastor and professor. When his wife disclosed that she is a lesbian, their lives as church leaders seemed to hang in the balance. With the help of a qualified trauma therapist, Michael had to find a way to the bottom of his anger, and back out again, in order to heal and find a healthy co-parenting relationship with his former wife.

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4 responses to “S5 Ep 3: Getting to the Bottom of Anger with Michael Plank”

  1. Teresa Upton says:

    Really helpful – especially as covering the male experience, feelings about his sexual experience not having been authentic and that there is a way through this so to hold on to hope.

  2. TRACY says:

    This was really good. Thank you Kristin & Michael. I gained some insight regarding deep pain and forgiveness.

  3. Gail says:

    Kristen and Michael, Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope. I’m still seeking the compassion towards and forgiveness of my ex that Michael found with his former wife (and so soon after his wife’s disclosure). I wonder if I have struggled more because my ex spouse never conjured the courage or love for me to disclose and, rather, left me flailing until I made the key discovery and forced the admission. In that sense, I felt like a victim of his lies over at least half of our 26 year marriage. Micheal appears not to have been victimized.

  4. Jim Blackman says:

    Thank you for this. I am only into the 3 week of finding out my wife has feelings for another woman after 23 years. Absolutely devastated. This gave me good perspective. Thank you for reaching back out to help the next people behind you. This is so hard.

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