S4 Ep 8: Open Relationships 101 for Mixed Orientation Couples

Guest: Libby Sinback

2/3 of Mixed Orientation Couples will try to stay together post disclosure or discovery. Often they try opening their relationships as a way to keep their families together. Guest Libby Sinback is the host of the Making Polyamory Work Podcast. She gives us a 101 tutorial on open relationships, and how to proceed with mindfulness, respect, and realistic expectations.

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3 responses to “S4 Ep 8: Open Relationships 101 for Mixed Orientation Couples”

  1. Ken Steiner says:

    My wife(gay) and I have been in MOM for 20 years now. With the help of a marriage counselor we opened up our marriage. We discovered that we could not satisfy each other intimately so we had to redefine our relationship. She has a regular lesbian partner and I have met my needs elsewhere. In our new marriage relationship we love each other dearly but without sexual intimacy.
    Our main rule is to keep each other informed of our activities. The other partner can raise questions and voice concerns but does not have a veto since that would be power of one over the other. We respect each other’s integrity and honesty.
    While our arrangement is working for us I do not claim it is for everyone. Through all this the support I have had from Our Path (Previously SSN) has been crucial.

  2. Anne says:

    I want us to stay married. We have been married for 32 years and have 5 children. We love each other. He wants us to stay together. He also wants to find connections with men. I’m not ok – I will not seek other relationships, I don’t know how to wrap my head around this. I am desperately seeking stories of couples that make this work.

  3. Spencer Lynch says:

    Awesome podcast
    Dies libby provide virtual therapy
    Please send list of books on open relationships in mixed marriages

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