S1 Ep 11: The Marriage Closet Pt. 1

Guest: Emily Reese, Ted Talk Speaker

Emily Reese discusses how, after several years of marriage, she intuited that her husband was gay, and how they worked through his subsequent revelation to create a modern rainbow family. She also discusses her experience giving a Ted-X talk called The Other Side of the Closet, on the subject of having a spouse come out, an experience she describes as a highlight of her life. Emily’s mission is to be an example of transparency and honesty for others.

In her words: “Lean into those things that happen that we see as faults, like not trusting our own intuition. Lean into those, because that is really the way to grow. No one wants to have tragedies happen, no one wants to have misfortunes, but we are guaranteed those in this life. And so, the more the we practice, and that’s what this experience as a straight spouse did for me, was I learned how to lean into all those things and to face them, and so part of that was learning about my intuition.”

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