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OurVoices Podcast Celebrates 100,000 Downloads

The OurVoices Podcast is celebrating 100,000 downloads!

Thank you to all of our listeners for tuning in. We hope the podcast has made a difference in your life, and that it has helped you on your path toward healing post discovery or disclosure.

100,000 downloads! That’s HUGE! Imagine for a moment if every person who downloaded an episode had given just $1 per listen. That means the OurVoices podcast would have generated $100,000 for OurPath!

That’s money that could pay for Zoom lines for our Virtual Support Group meetings. It could pay for a grant writer to help us identify and apply for grants. It could pay for podcast production, engineering and editing. It could support video production so we could tell more stories in video form. It could support sending guest speakers (airfare and hotel) from OurPath to conferences (such as the American Psychological Association Conference) to raise awareness and speak on behalf of Straight Partners and Partners of Trans People. That’s a lot of supporting Straight Partners that can be done when listeners support the podcast!

If you have already donated, we thank you. If you’d like to support the podcast, visit our donation page to become a donor today.


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