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A critical component of healing for Straight and Non-trans Partners is our stories, both sharing them and hearing them. We’ve created the Our Voices page to share our latest podcasts, our blog entries, and our new video content. No matter where you are on your journey–whether you are a just a few weeks post disclosure or several years out, whether you have left your partnership or are remaining in your Mixed Orientation Relationship–we look for community, healing, insights and growth in each other’s stories. Here we share our griefs, our triumphs, our traumas and our recoveries as we forge new paths forward.


“Our stories almost universally make people uncomfortable. And that’s Ok”
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“This will change you, but it doesn’t have to define you.”
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“Ultimately there is nothing so special about being a homosexual that is worth a straight marriage. It is only homophobia that can occasionally makes it seem so.”
Layla, LGBT+ youth

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