The Straight-Up Truth About the Down-Low: Women Share Their Stories of Betrayal, Pain and Survival

It was written by two women who have experienced the anguish and misery of being married to men on the down-low. They will share from the depths of their hearts, souls and minds as they tell their stories and the stories of other women who have lived through this experience.



Imagine…..You have finally met Mr. Right. He’s handsome, sexy, charming, intelligent, articulate, and financially successful. He even portrays the role of an excellent father. He does not smoke, drink or use drugs and he has a decent credit history. You marry him and buy your dream house in the suburbs. Your children attend the best schools and you live in a wonderful neighborhood. You’re finally living the American dream, but one day you wake up and realize Your Prince Charming is really a lying Queen. You can’t believe it. It can’t be true. No… not him and no not you, but deep in your heart, you know it’s true. All the pieces of the puzzle were there…. but, you couldn’t connect the dots because your heart refused to believe what your brain and your intuition were telling you. You discover your husband is secretly sleeping with men. He is part of the secretive subculture known as the down-low. You feel shocked and disgusted, ashamed, humiliated, angry, stupid, foolish, victimized, hurt, betrayed, deceived, shattered, confused, devastated and used. You feel dirty, violated and terrified about the possibility of being infected with HIV or some other nasty STD. You find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, plunging deep into despair, desperate to get off. You search frantically for answers, validation for your feelings and even something… anything to prove you wrong. You surf the net desperately seeking information. However, you discover that the on-line support groups are geared toward helping the gay person come to terms with their own sexuality, but nothing to help you. You are left feeling ignored, overlooked and victimized all over again. The purpose of this book is to provide support and resources for the wives, lovers and families that have been victimized by homosexual men masquerading as straight. We believe our lives should be in our own hands and not in the hands of those who only speak about this subject to defend the down-low, to further misinform women and/or to make money. Author: Joy Marie.

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The Straight Up Truth About the Down Low