How to Lose Your Wife to Another Woman: A Memoir of a Mixed-Orientation Marriage

"How to Lose Your Wife to Another Woman" is an unflinching look at the world of open marriages and a powerful tale about the limits of love and the bitter pain of betrayal.



James enjoys an idyllic life with his wife, Molly, and their teenage daughter, so when Molly announces she would like to pursue her growing sexual interest in women, all James can think about is the ménage a trois that is sure to come his way. He gives his enthusiastic approval for Molly to act on her desire. An open marriage, however, is a minefield, and as James and Molly attempt to navigate the dangerous new terrain, James begins to feel alienated and left behind. After a series of disastrous sex parties and hotel hookups, he spirals into depression and despair, and when their daughter discovers evidence of her mother’s extracurricular activities, he must finally face the heartbreaking truth. Author: James Chapman.

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How to Lose Your Wife to Another Woman