Bonus Round: A Gay Ex-Husband, a Divorce, and a Life Reimagined

When she found out her husband was gay, Sally Srok’s life was turned upside down. She was forced to let go of the life she had wanted and thought she was living, to jump into a life unknown. Bonus Round is a true story about a woman’s divorce, and the remarkable story that followed.

Sally loved her life with her husband and children in suburban California. She came to accept the ups and down that came with marriage and buried herself in the nurturing of stay-at-home mothering. She sacrificed her career in Manhattan to raise her kids and support her husband on the home front.

Faced with the double shock of the ending of the marriage and a terrible betrayal, Sally had to try to recover and put herself back in the job market. To make ends meet, she would have to earn an executive salary, while also trying to guarantee their children had a happy childhood. In the process, she healed her heartbreak, formed a friendship with her former husband and ultimately launched the successful career she had dreamed of. Little did she know when her husband came out that she would find her own authentic self.

And all of this started with a cattle drive.

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Bonus Round - A Gay Ex-Husband, a Divorce, and a Life Reimagined