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The Voices Podcast is a resource for Straight and Non-trans Partners as they navigate the tremendous life changes that accompany finding out their partners are LGBT+. We feature the voices of Straight and Non-trans Partners as well as those of professionals with expertise on various topics related to the Straight Partner experience. Occasionally, we feature the voices of LGBT+ Partners for their perspectives and experiences. We strive to create a forum of frank and open discussion about diverse experiences that are difficult, intimate and sometimes controversial. We do this with the intention to help Straight and Non-trans Partners heal.

Our Voices podcast
04/21/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 1: Welcome to the Straight Spouse Voices Podcast

Guest: Stephanie Skylar, Former Executive Director In today’s episode, host Kristin Kalbli interviews Stephanie Skylar about the mission and the scope of the SSN, how to get help in…

05/13/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 2: What Helps Us Heal

Guest: Paul Nelson Kristin interviews Paul Nelson about his personal experience discovering his wife was a lesbian while he was deployed in Afghanistan. They discuss disclosure, the complications of…

05/15/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 3: How the SSN Gets the Word Out

Guest: Janet McMonagle, Communications Director Host Kristin Kalbli interviews Janet McMonagle about her personal straight spouse story, and the challenges and opportunities the SSN encounters in communicating with the…

06/01/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 4: The Impact of a Closeted Father on a Daughter

Guest: Anastasia Gochnour Kristin Kalbli interviews Anastasia Gochnour about her experience growing up with a closeted father who came out to her as a young teenager. She discusses how her…

06/15/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 5: Book Report: Now Everyone Will Know

Guest: Maggie Kneip, Author Kristin Kalbli interviews Maggie Kneip, a straight spouse whose husband, a high profile journalist in New York City in the early 1990’s, died of AIDS. We…

07/01/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 6: The Turmoil of Discovery

Guest: Dru Vincent Kristin Kalbli interviews Dru Vincent, a straight spouse whose wife of 18 years abruptly asked for a divorce. After being blindsided by the revelation of his wife’s…

07/15/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 7: Where’s the Research? Straight Spouse by the Numbers

Guest: Kimberly Brooks Mazella, Founder of the Straight Forward Project Kristin Kalbli interviews Kimberly Brooks Mazella, a straight spouse whose career as a psychotherapist has lead to the founding of…

08/01/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 8: Book Report: Letting Go of Living Straight

Guest: Dr. Loren A. Olson, Author Kristin Kalbli interviews Dr. Loren A. Olson, who came out in his 40’s after a 20 year marriage to his wife. Dr. Olson is…

08/15/2018 OurPath
S1 Ep 9: Our Founder: How the SSN Began

Guest: Dr. Amity Pierce Buxton Kristin Kalbli interviews the founder of the Straight Spouse Network, Dr. Amity Pierce Buxton, about her personal straight spouse story, the founding of the…

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