03 – Get Support

OurPath, Inc., formerly the Straight Spouse Network, is the best-known support resource for individuals who have discovered their partner in a heterosexual relationship (current or former) is LGBT+. We offer many support options, from one-on-one and group support to online spaces as well as podcasts and video content.

Personal support

We are, at our core, a peer-to-peer support network. All of our Support Contacts have traveled their own path with a current or former partner who is (or is believed to be) LGBT+. We get it.

open forum

Our Open Forum is a moderated, public forum where people can post their stories, questions and challenges. Users can sign up with a pseudonym to remain anonymous. Anyone in the public can view the forum, but only registered users can post and reply.

our voices

our voices
our voices podcast
straight talk blog

Our Voices includes the OurPath Voices Podcast, the Straight Talk Blog, and our video diaries. The podcast primarily features the stories of Straight Partners, and occasionally an LGBT+ partner or experts in various fields. The Straight Talk Blog features written pieces by and for our Straight Partner community. Videos feature straight and non-trans partners, as well as archival footage of founder Amity Pierce Buxton.

frequently asked questions

The following are some of the most commonly-asked questions when a Straight or Non-trans Partner discovers (or believes) their partner is LGBT+.

Each straight or non-trans partner experience is unique, even though there are common themes and occurrences across experiences. There is no single path to navigating discovery or disclosure, so each Straight Partner is invited to read these FAQs and decide for themselves what resonates in their situation.